Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Today is the Day

His mercies are new every morning and thenceforth so is your life. He is not calling you to live the same today as you did yesterday nor is He calling you to life the same tomorrow as you did today. Humbly bowing at the feet of the One whose blood drips on your face and washes you clean as you kneel there is your calling. He washes you in the mercies that are intertwined in His blood and then robes you with His righteousness. His call is for action today not compassion tomorrow. To merely make friends is to invite people to Hell. Calling people and challenging them is Love and what I ought to do. No love choses to be fine with getting to know someone first. The time is now; the time is here. Go, therefore! Ride on the chariots boldly into all the lands and take them captive to Christ, the Victor. For if our God is for us, then who could ever stop us. He goes before us, as He always has, in order to ensure that there are no footholds when we run the race with perseverance. Your guardian God won't let you stumble; He will not fall asleep. Get behind me, satan! For your power was stolen from you and has been given to me; I shall, humbly, return the praise with the power to the one who's All-Powerful. Mighty is the Lamb that was slain for my ransom. He paid the price, now how selfish for me to assume that I can merit to whom the price is paid! I am asked to speak, not asked to save, so speak, I shall, for today is the day that sinners rise to be saints, that broken rise to be blessed, that beaten rise to be bold! Today is the day, for there is no promise of tomorrow. 

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