Sunday, March 4, 2012

The Enemy has been Defeated

The devil is not patient. He is not willing to wait. He seeks to devour you like a roaring lion. He scratches and claws at you, looking to harm and destroy. He craves your soul. He earnestly desires to rid you of your joy. He wants you now.

The devil is not kind. He is ruthless and malicious. He cares not whom he hurts nor who he takes down. He hungers to see you suffer and does all he can to ensure this. He condemns and destroys. 

The devil is envious. He gnaws at any bone tossed his way. He sees the King of Kings working and yearns for the power that will never be his. 

The devil is boastful. He takes immense delight in making his workings, although minute, known. He puffs up the evil workings he does. 

The devil is proud. He smirks at the skewed glimpses of "victory" that he sees. He puts out his chest thinking that he has won. He stands on all he has done, even though he has no ground to stand. 

The devil is rude. He will trample every care and cry that you have and leave you as dirt. He wants to see you broken and beaten. He ignores every cry and longs for never-ceasing weeping. 

The devil is self-seeking. He reflects an extreme kid in a candy store. He wants all for himself and for himself only. He looks out for himself and longs to push you lower to make himself higher.

The devil is easily angered. He whines when you ignore his attempts to crush you. He moans when you step on him and turn from him. He attacks in greater quantities when he is angered to such an extent.

The devil is a keeper of the record of you wrongs. He consistently brings up past errors and burdens. He tries to condemn with his records and yearns to bring an error of yours back to you.

The devil delights in evil. He is evil and delights completely in himself. He sneers at his plans and plots when carried out. He is enchanted at the sight, sound, and touch of evil.

The devil always fails. 

Woe to thou whose attempts to scare have failed
Never being able keep the righteous jailed.
Power, none, for who can stand against
The glory of the One who dispensed
all authority to the Throne of grace
to shine upon this unworthy face.
All glory and honor and power 
to the One who's the sole strong tower. 
None can stand in the might of the King
but all bow down to triumph and sing.

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