Thursday, March 8, 2012

Psalm 139:17&18

This trip across the sandy shores reveals the grains in which You know,
I walk along, triumphantly, Your will I desire to show.
I boast as You count the hairs on my head, not in my own power -
all from You all-powerful King whose grace washes me, in shower.
Oh release Your glory cloud to come and rain down Living Water,
for cleansed is the one for whom the lamb took undeserving slaughter.
Here I stand as you carry me across this vast expanse of sand,
knowing You are holding me in the palm of Your mighty right hand;
so whom shall I fear, for who can contend with You, the great I Am?
All fall down at the glory of the One who undoes every scam.
Flawed I fall, yet flawless I'm sent into the pressing battlefield,
declaring the victory You've already claimed - seeing lame healed.
Side by side You waltz with me and show me the narrow path to take,
beckoning me, as Your heir, revealing the beauty You now make.
Miry clay turned to porcelain princess is the transformation;
now calling me, on this beach, to return to the quenching station,
where Living Water flows freely from the ocean so vast and wide,
purifying the one who got dirty again, now called the bride.
This beach wedding reunited the Creator to created,
never again can divorce undertake, for this has been fated.
Oh One whose thoughts toward me far outnumber the place in which we stand,
I humbly bow before Your throne to consecrate this Holy land.

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