Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Today is the Day

His mercies are new every morning and thenceforth so is your life. He is not calling you to live the same today as you did yesterday nor is He calling you to life the same tomorrow as you did today. Humbly bowing at the feet of the One whose blood drips on your face and washes you clean as you kneel there is your calling. He washes you in the mercies that are intertwined in His blood and then robes you with His righteousness. His call is for action today not compassion tomorrow. To merely make friends is to invite people to Hell. Calling people and challenging them is Love and what I ought to do. No love choses to be fine with getting to know someone first. The time is now; the time is here. Go, therefore! Ride on the chariots boldly into all the lands and take them captive to Christ, the Victor. For if our God is for us, then who could ever stop us. He goes before us, as He always has, in order to ensure that there are no footholds when we run the race with perseverance. Your guardian God won't let you stumble; He will not fall asleep. Get behind me, satan! For your power was stolen from you and has been given to me; I shall, humbly, return the praise with the power to the one who's All-Powerful. Mighty is the Lamb that was slain for my ransom. He paid the price, now how selfish for me to assume that I can merit to whom the price is paid! I am asked to speak, not asked to save, so speak, I shall, for today is the day that sinners rise to be saints, that broken rise to be blessed, that beaten rise to be bold! Today is the day, for there is no promise of tomorrow. 

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

I Humbly Bow at Your Feet

Forgive me for all of the times that I forget:
that I need you more than I need my next breath.
that my words to You are of no importance in comparison to Your words to me.
that the secret place is far greater than any public place.
that this world is my temporary address, not my heavenly home.
that my words pass and fade, but Your Word is forever.
that this life of mine is nothing if I do not spend it in the presence of Everything.
that the harvest can only be reaped in the amount that it is sown.
that You, oh Love, are greater than any byproduct human love.
that selfishness opposes servanthood and servanthood, evil.
that cravings of the flesh deceive and destroy, but Your craving produce luscious fruit.
that You hold me in the same hand that You hold all the stars of the universe.
that Your plan surpasses the picture book I would destroy.
I ask all this in Your mighty name. Amen.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

1 Kings 3:5-12

Just some random recent thoughts (including the verse above):
  • You must be filled before you can overflow.
  • There is a vast difference between acknowledging and accepting. 
  • I'd rather irritate in my asking than infuriate in my not.
  • If, in speaking about the Spirit, you desire to reveal the Spirit, speak like the Spirit: boldly and powerfully. 

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Psalm 139:17&18

This trip across the sandy shores reveals the grains in which You know,
I walk along, triumphantly, Your will I desire to show.
I boast as You count the hairs on my head, not in my own power -
all from You all-powerful King whose grace washes me, in shower.
Oh release Your glory cloud to come and rain down Living Water,
for cleansed is the one for whom the lamb took undeserving slaughter.
Here I stand as you carry me across this vast expanse of sand,
knowing You are holding me in the palm of Your mighty right hand;
so whom shall I fear, for who can contend with You, the great I Am?
All fall down at the glory of the One who undoes every scam.
Flawed I fall, yet flawless I'm sent into the pressing battlefield,
declaring the victory You've already claimed - seeing lame healed.
Side by side You waltz with me and show me the narrow path to take,
beckoning me, as Your heir, revealing the beauty You now make.
Miry clay turned to porcelain princess is the transformation;
now calling me, on this beach, to return to the quenching station,
where Living Water flows freely from the ocean so vast and wide,
purifying the one who got dirty again, now called the bride.
This beach wedding reunited the Creator to created,
never again can divorce undertake, for this has been fated.
Oh One whose thoughts toward me far outnumber the place in which we stand,
I humbly bow before Your throne to consecrate this Holy land.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

The Enemy has been Defeated

The devil is not patient. He is not willing to wait. He seeks to devour you like a roaring lion. He scratches and claws at you, looking to harm and destroy. He craves your soul. He earnestly desires to rid you of your joy. He wants you now.

The devil is not kind. He is ruthless and malicious. He cares not whom he hurts nor who he takes down. He hungers to see you suffer and does all he can to ensure this. He condemns and destroys. 

The devil is envious. He gnaws at any bone tossed his way. He sees the King of Kings working and yearns for the power that will never be his. 

The devil is boastful. He takes immense delight in making his workings, although minute, known. He puffs up the evil workings he does. 

The devil is proud. He smirks at the skewed glimpses of "victory" that he sees. He puts out his chest thinking that he has won. He stands on all he has done, even though he has no ground to stand. 

The devil is rude. He will trample every care and cry that you have and leave you as dirt. He wants to see you broken and beaten. He ignores every cry and longs for never-ceasing weeping. 

The devil is self-seeking. He reflects an extreme kid in a candy store. He wants all for himself and for himself only. He looks out for himself and longs to push you lower to make himself higher.

The devil is easily angered. He whines when you ignore his attempts to crush you. He moans when you step on him and turn from him. He attacks in greater quantities when he is angered to such an extent.

The devil is a keeper of the record of you wrongs. He consistently brings up past errors and burdens. He tries to condemn with his records and yearns to bring an error of yours back to you.

The devil delights in evil. He is evil and delights completely in himself. He sneers at his plans and plots when carried out. He is enchanted at the sight, sound, and touch of evil.

The devil always fails. 

Woe to thou whose attempts to scare have failed
Never being able keep the righteous jailed.
Power, none, for who can stand against
The glory of the One who dispensed
all authority to the Throne of grace
to shine upon this unworthy face.
All glory and honor and power 
to the One who's the sole strong tower. 
None can stand in the might of the King
but all bow down to triumph and sing.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Exodus 5

Verse 6-14 "Your life will be easy when you become a Christian." Will it? According to this, the Egyptians made the Israelites work even harder and beat them when they were trying to follow God. There are many Egyptians (followers of the world) who will come against you and attempt to bog you down with lies and deceit and to make you busy with the ways of the world. But let me tell you something: we serve a God in whom nothing can stand against and He fights for us and all power is His. If we have Him fighting for us, the only way our life becomes harder is when we try to fight the battles He is already fighting. So, yes, the attacks on you will become greater when you become a Christian; however, your life will become easier if you serve God and not religion.
Verse 21 The Israelites blamed not Pharaoh but Moses for their hardships and troubles. We must be careful to not turn against the body for the world see enough of this judgement as it is.
Verse 23 Moses, like so many of us, thinks that what he currently sees around him must be the only thing that God is planning or is going to use for His glory. He cries out in anguish. Hold fast!

Friday, March 2, 2012

Exodus 4

Verses 3-5 Sometimes God uses things that we run from to make many believe in the Righteous One 
Verses 6&7 When we are unclean and diseased, we can rest in the cloak of righteousness that rests on us and we will be purified; once again, the glory of the Lord will be revealed.
Verses 8&9 God was speaking of the Israelites being the ones who would not listen; He recognizes the stubbornness and rejection that can occur within His own people. I desire to be one who listens without rebuke.
Verses 10-17 We are, like Moses, thick-headed and pitiers. We often cry to God to send someone else who is more sufficient and suitable; the reality is that the Great Commission sent YOU. It is an immediate call to action by a God who has provided us with the ultimate Aaron (the Holy Spirit) to serve as our helper. God Almighty will help us speak and will teach us as we go in order to combat all of the arrows of the enemy.
Verse 17 This word staff is also used to mean tribe. God wants to use His tribe to perform signs. That truth is the same yesterday, today, and forever for God is the same yesterday, today, and forever.
Verse 21 Solely in the power of the Lord Most High can any works and wonders be performed.
Verse 22 You are a member of the body of the first born son of Yahweh. The blood that dripped out of Jesus flows in you.
Verse 31 The only proper response to the greatness of our God.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Exodus 3

Verse 1 It was while Moses was tending the flock that the Lord appeared. Often, God chooses to reveal Himself when we are tending to our entrusted flock.
Verse 3 I desire to be consumed by Fire Himself and therefore not be burned down, but instead be enflamed for all to see and be curious as to why I am not burned in the heat of the devil's flames.
Verse 7 God hears your cries! That's why He chose to riddle this characteristic all throughout the Bible. What God repeats, we should reserve, reexamine, and remember.
Verse 10 God is calling us in the same fashion, daily, to return to the people in slavery and bondage to rescue them.
Verse 11 The proper response to Yahweh.
Verse 12 The God of all things that ever was, is, or is to come will be with you when you go to free the slaves. Who, then, can stand against us?
Verse 14 The answer to every question that ever existed came in the form of the name in which God gave Himself: The I Am
Verse 15 "I Am" is His name forever. That means that He remains. There is no question that will ever be formulated in which His name changes and, thus, the answer never changes.
Verse 17 His promise remains: He will deliver you and shower His grace and blessing on His people.
Verse 21 We're not merely redeemed victims; we're righteous victors!