Friday, March 2, 2012

Exodus 4

Verses 3-5 Sometimes God uses things that we run from to make many believe in the Righteous One 
Verses 6&7 When we are unclean and diseased, we can rest in the cloak of righteousness that rests on us and we will be purified; once again, the glory of the Lord will be revealed.
Verses 8&9 God was speaking of the Israelites being the ones who would not listen; He recognizes the stubbornness and rejection that can occur within His own people. I desire to be one who listens without rebuke.
Verses 10-17 We are, like Moses, thick-headed and pitiers. We often cry to God to send someone else who is more sufficient and suitable; the reality is that the Great Commission sent YOU. It is an immediate call to action by a God who has provided us with the ultimate Aaron (the Holy Spirit) to serve as our helper. God Almighty will help us speak and will teach us as we go in order to combat all of the arrows of the enemy.
Verse 17 This word staff is also used to mean tribe. God wants to use His tribe to perform signs. That truth is the same yesterday, today, and forever for God is the same yesterday, today, and forever.
Verse 21 Solely in the power of the Lord Most High can any works and wonders be performed.
Verse 22 You are a member of the body of the first born son of Yahweh. The blood that dripped out of Jesus flows in you.
Verse 31 The only proper response to the greatness of our God.

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