Thursday, March 1, 2012

Exodus 3

Verse 1 It was while Moses was tending the flock that the Lord appeared. Often, God chooses to reveal Himself when we are tending to our entrusted flock.
Verse 3 I desire to be consumed by Fire Himself and therefore not be burned down, but instead be enflamed for all to see and be curious as to why I am not burned in the heat of the devil's flames.
Verse 7 God hears your cries! That's why He chose to riddle this characteristic all throughout the Bible. What God repeats, we should reserve, reexamine, and remember.
Verse 10 God is calling us in the same fashion, daily, to return to the people in slavery and bondage to rescue them.
Verse 11 The proper response to Yahweh.
Verse 12 The God of all things that ever was, is, or is to come will be with you when you go to free the slaves. Who, then, can stand against us?
Verse 14 The answer to every question that ever existed came in the form of the name in which God gave Himself: The I Am
Verse 15 "I Am" is His name forever. That means that He remains. There is no question that will ever be formulated in which His name changes and, thus, the answer never changes.
Verse 17 His promise remains: He will deliver you and shower His grace and blessing on His people.
Verse 21 We're not merely redeemed victims; we're righteous victors!

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