Saturday, March 3, 2012

Exodus 5

Verse 6-14 "Your life will be easy when you become a Christian." Will it? According to this, the Egyptians made the Israelites work even harder and beat them when they were trying to follow God. There are many Egyptians (followers of the world) who will come against you and attempt to bog you down with lies and deceit and to make you busy with the ways of the world. But let me tell you something: we serve a God in whom nothing can stand against and He fights for us and all power is His. If we have Him fighting for us, the only way our life becomes harder is when we try to fight the battles He is already fighting. So, yes, the attacks on you will become greater when you become a Christian; however, your life will become easier if you serve God and not religion.
Verse 21 The Israelites blamed not Pharaoh but Moses for their hardships and troubles. We must be careful to not turn against the body for the world see enough of this judgement as it is.
Verse 23 Moses, like so many of us, thinks that what he currently sees around him must be the only thing that God is planning or is going to use for His glory. He cries out in anguish. Hold fast!

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