Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Exodus 2

Verse 9 In the same way, Christ takes us, the babies, and nurses us. Not only that, but He pays for us as well. 
Verse 10 I desire to be so engulfed in the Living Water that one must come and draw me out in order to see my heart. I desire to draw out hearts from the crowd. I desire to Moses hearts.
Verse 17 Not only should we come to the rescue of the broken hearted, we must water them with the Living Water in which we are engulfed.
Verse 22 Moses' name is known worldwide, generation after generation and is hardly foreign; yet His first-born son's name was "a foreigner there" because even Moses felt like a foreigner at a time. You are not alone.
Verse 23&24 The cries of the sons and daughters of God Almighty are always heard, regardless of your slavery and captivity to sin, for He remembers His covenant with you.
Verse 25 The God of all of the Universe is concerned about you and all you go through.

(I was simply too excited; I posted two)

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