Monday, February 27, 2012

Ever-Encouraging Exodus

In Exodus, You explain the glories of the ark
and the intricate design, no question mark.
You clearly outline the necessary rules
and how to tell the truly wise from the fools.
The garments of the priest are complex and fancy
the lives of the disobedient ones, quite chancy.
And I sit and ponder this ancient book,
as You open my eyes and tell me to look
to see all Your glory shown then, now to me;
For I am the reason You wrote this decree.
To show that I am more elaborate than clothes
for to You I am a pure, flawless, white rose.
To show that Your ark protects my heart
and in it You make inexpressible art.
To show that Your covenant abides within
for here Your law's written regardless of sin.
To show that the table I come to is grand -
once I am here, how could I stand?
To show that the Tabernacle at which I enter
is the very place my spirit needs center.
To show that the incense glorifies You
as the aroma of Christ off me, ensues.
To show that the lamp is meant for the stand
as You design this unfathomably grand.
To show that the Altar is meant for offers
so I choose to lay down all in my coffers.
To show that the oil comes strictly from You
as life and peace and goodness do.
To show that ephod and breastpiece have function
as the body of Christ must work in junction.
All these things You wrote in Love
to prove that I shall rise above
the plagues and droughts and hunger pains
as done with them; Jehovah reigns!

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