Thursday, February 23, 2012

Staking Claim

I am nothing; I am a fool.
I am a pointless, unraveling spool.
I am a sinner; I am a clown.
I am a hater who instills a frown.
I am a broken, fallen disgust
who denies love for a chance at lust.
I am the one who repeatedly hurts
the One in whom my heart, converts.
I am the deadly, poisonous snake
who has caused countless heart ache.
I am nothing; I am a fool,
but I serve the One who makes me a tool.
A tool in which muck is chiseled;
from others lives, sin is fizzled.
Flawless One who delights in me -
Holy, Mighty, Righteous, Free.
Bloody Savior, came down as man
to prove that He is The Greater Than;
greater than me and my lowly being,
greater than those in which He is freeing.
Blessed and beautiful the names He gives;
Beloved He calls the heart that lives.
Matchless and Healer; Love and Peace
Whose grace on me will never cease.
King of Kings and Lord of Lords,
no wrongs of mine, He records.
So nothing I come as nothing You came,
washing me and staking claim.

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