Thursday, February 9, 2012


I live for the glory of the King
All around me makes me sing
"You are Holy, matchless name;
Above all, Your mighty fame."
And yet I see the downcast eyes
longing in a dark disguise
broken, beaten, bruised, and torn
hearts in pieces; in side, thorn.
I belt out for the comfort of cries
and knowledge that You are the only true prize.
The only one who stands all the waves
this life has brought in shallow caves.
These broken hearts will be renewed
and harden, same, for You obtrude
in built-up hearts where no light shines,
You break in and pay the fines;
for life and death are in Your hands,
oh Sovereign One, reveal Your plans -
plans of mercy and of grace
perfect and mighty, the ways you trace -
trace my heart and its design
All in All, You fully align.
So today, I knock and ask this quest:
Take the broken, make them blessed.

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