Friday, April 6, 2012

Revelation 3:16

I'm so fed up with this complacent Christianity
thinking I get heaven simply from sanity
Assuming I'm saved because I liked a page
therefore excusing my occasional rage
I call out when I'm hurting and in need of Him
but there's no way He's there when I'm hittin' the gym
He's the God of my life on Sunday in church
but the darkness of my heart, He can not search.
I know John 3:16 and the message it sends
but what happens when He tells me to surrender my friends?
Hold on. Hold up. Are you telling me
that Jesus is calling for more of thee?
I gave Him my word. I said the prayer.
Don't try to tell me I'm still goin' down there.
That's the reason I'm here, the reason I plea
I can't go to Hell, I thank God, you see?
Oh, really? Cause in between the love, hatred I saw
Spitting harsh words from the "caring" jaw.
All I know is this, lukewarm is out. 
The only way in is His name to be shout.
This isn't a with status or even a tweet
He wants you're all; to make your heart beat.
So give up your false thoughts that you're goin to Heaven
for we all know this idea is merely a leaven
lighting the idea that you can keep your life
and still avoid eternity of pain and of strife.
So today is the day, will you give Him you're all?
Are you sick of sitting and ignoring the call?

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