Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The Red Sea

With these Egyptians in the way, you say it's hard to see the light
Well this wouldn't be the case If you'd realize it's not your fight
Quit standing in the "helplessness", crying out to be moved
Get going and know that His glory shall be proved
He is stirring up the waves with His mighty hand
So be still and walk in peace on this dry land
He shall not forsake you nor leave you without protection
For His direction casts out rejection as you choose objection instead of reflection and projection of His glorious affection because you're used to convection and correction to merely pass inspection as opposed to Perfection's injection of His selection of you. 
So stop wailing and moaning about the hardships endured
For He knows that only through this will you be reassured.
Reassured of His presence and ever-surmounting peace
This all-consuming Love that will surely never cease.
The lands will praise the King of Kings from this; rest in truth
Stop believing the lie that your defenseless from youth.
The manna shall be plenty, yet the journey may be long
Prepare for what's ahead and humbly kneel in reverent song.
Worship shall pour forth regardless of season
Now have some faith and ignore foolish reason.
For in the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God
Take, therefore, this word and stand tall with your rod.

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