Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Psalm 119:3 - Without Wrong Ways

"they do no wrong 
but follow his ways."

The "They" in this verse refers to verse two which states "those who keep his statutes and seek him with all their heart." When seeking God for a meaning to the verse, I was questioning and skeptical. How can a man be of absolutely no wrong? Gently, the Holy Spirit whispered to me, "Brenna. It is not that those who followed the ways of the Lord didn't wrong; it is that God sees them without fault, with no wrongs attached. Instead, He views them as followers of his ways and are therefor blameless and pure in His view. There is no way to do no wrong while still ignoring the ways and statutes of the Lord, but instead, following the ways of the King of Kings is a substitute for doing wrong. This is certainly a viable trade.

Broken, beaten, bruised, and battered -
all around my life is scattered.
Hit, hated, handled, and hurt -
my life is dust among the dirt.
I wish to seek, I wish to find
a hand that holds me ever so kind.
But wrongs have stacked and failures abound
I have hit no high, only ground. 
But my life has turned and follow I will
so to these sins, I choose to kill.
Following the King is what I shall do,
so Behold! For I am not wrong, but new.

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