Monday, September 10, 2012

The Father's Heart

His hand placed softly around her waist,
guiding her gently - no sign of hast.
A glimmer in His eye while she laughs and giggles,
as He joyfully smiles at all her wiggles.
Feeding her what He knows she needs
even when her foolish banter impedes.
Her growing up sweetly sings Him a song,
as He lovingly scolds her when she does wrong -
knowing full-well this discipline will grow her.
He never hesitates to be her chauffeur -
bringing His princess where she needs to be
and applying a band-aid when she skins her knee.
He rushes to her side to untangle her mess,
as she unknowingly twirls in her yellow sundress.
Protecting her is what He strives to do
whether holding, scolding or buying a new.
He clothes her with the items He bought
just for her, He labored and wrought,
for He knew that these things would bring her delight,
and now He holds her when she's weary at night.
No matter the moment, problem or fear -
Daddy's always there to draw His joy near.

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