Monday, July 16, 2012

Broken, Beaten, Bruised, Beloved

When lightning strikes and dusk rolls in,
When all you feel is secret sin,
When hearts are breaking and darkness roams
You feel as though no one has homes;
When victory seems far from you
And broken hearts are in clear view,
When all these things come and stay,
Just stand and remember He has pay.
And pay He does, for your small life
Regardless of His pain and strife
For you are worth every patient call
That He has made for the Ball,
The Ball in which you are the honor,
Although they all thought you were a goner.
Royalty is the host of this dance,
And you have been chosen and given the chance:
The chance to be all that you can,
To remove yourself and become a new man,
To claim death to the lies that come and destroy
To dismantle the plans satan deploy
To accept the beckoning of your true name,
the one where you're royal and wrapped in His fame.
So come now, be still, in His perfect identity,
For sweet, tender child you are the entity
That changes the course of time as we know
And shakes the world cast down below.
Though the trial seems to be constant and endless
Be certain that you are far from friendless,
For the Lover of the rich is the Lover of the poor
So no matter your income, you need no more
The currency you hold is sufficient for you,
And because of His payment, there's nothing due.
Now go live the life He has authored with care,
And fear not! For the devil would not dare
To mess with the one whose messed up existence
Has been purchased by He who knows no distance.

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