Monday, June 4, 2012

2 Corinthians 4:7-9

You can be called, but you may not be comfortable.
You can be beckoned, but you may not be believing.
You can be listening, but you may not be living.
You can be the one to sit back and feel sorry
while secretly wishing you were not so chary
knowing that His way may be so clear
but as the dust rolls in, you stumble and fear.
Allow the dust to settle for it's then you will see
that this issue you're facing isn't bigger than thee,
for you see, the devil tries to complicate and confuse
when the choice is simply yours to choose.
When Jesus is paving the path you step,
why quickly forget His perfect rep?
His presence is nigh and failure far,
so this complication can be reduced in the jar -
the jar of treasure that shows His power
is all-surpassing and just from His tower.
Although we are hard-pressed from all sides,
Crushed is not our soul from these rides;
and although we may be perplexed for a time,
we despair not as the clock rings a chime;
and although we are persecuted for this,
Abandonment shall not result in remiss;
and although struck down our spirit may feel,
the destruction surmounting will never repeal
the works of the One whose conquered all
to prove that this struggle will cause us to fall,
not at the feet of the one who destroys,
but at that of the One who quiets the noise -
the noise of the pressures to conform and fit in,
the noise of the parents requiring sin,
the noise of the commoners seeking their place,
the noise of the surrounding running the race.
All the noise rising up from the mess
has suddenly stilled at His calming word, "Yes."
Yes to the plans He has weaved for me;
yes to the person He wants me to be;
yes to the child He made for a plan;
yes to the beauty that has already began;
yes to the life He's created so sweetly;
and yes to the princess He's beckoned so completely.

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