Wednesday, November 2, 2011

God Loves YOU

And guess what? It's that Sunday school love!! Isn't that great?! Yes, because despite the claim people make that God doesn't love you that way, He does! He loves you the same then as He does now - unconditionally, irreversibly, constantly. When you were blameless, He loved you. When you were in the middle of your deepest, most secret sin, He loved you. When you were surrounded by people who were complimenting you, He loved you. When you were wiping tears from your eyes in your bedroom all alone, He loved you.

You think, "That's super. I get it; God loves me just like they told me in Sunday school.
Yadda, yadda." Let me tell you something about the way He loves you. He loved you so much that He knit you together in the womb! The God of the universe chose to spend the time weaving the needles in and out in order to create an entire, beautiful product. He started with yarn and ended with a masterpiece. Knitting is one continuous strand, "Why?" because He wanted every part of you. Every part of you was in the strand - no one part is meant to be missing. Each part of the strand was necessary in order to complete the whole.
He not only knit you - the WHOLE you - into being, but He made you in
His image. He physically made you as closely as possible to Himself in order for you to spiritually be able to draw as closely as possible to Him. He wanted to knit into you a gold strand, that being Himself, so that His word was written on your heart and that you could give Him glory simply by standing.
This creation that He knit and made into His image was wonderfully made. YOU were WONDERFULLY made! This word wonderfully in Psalm 139:14 in
nifleiti in Hebrew. It means to be separated or distinct. He made you to stand out. Why do you think all human beings crave that? He made us this way; it is in our DNA (Dead, Now Acclaimed) desire! This word also means show marvelous. You show marvel to God. The way you were made shows His glory.

That's not all. God made you in
His entire splendor, but He wasn't ok with seeing you suffer. He wasn't ok with you being separated from Him. He HAD to come to be with you! "Why?" because He loves you. John 3:16 exclaims that "God so loved the world". This word, world, in the Greek is kosmos. One of the meanings of this word is adornment. Adornment means something that adds attractiveness. God so loved the one who adds attractiveness to all. God so loved you - for you add attractiveness to all. For you, He sent His son, Jesus Christ for the specific reason to die; to die for you, because you are worth it to Him.
Jesus was
shackled and beaten as He was taken to Pontius Pilate. As the cuffs dug into his wrists and bruises formed, He glanced over, gazed at you, and said, "This is for you, my child."
Pilate stood Jesus before the Jews - the people of which Jesus came to fulfill the promises to - and declared Jesus innocent, but the Jews wanted Him crucified. As they chanted,
"Crucify Him! Crucify Him!" Jesus glanced over, gazed at you, and said, "This is for you, my child."
Pilate handed Jesus over to be
flogged. Jesus walked over the stump and had his clothes ripped from Him. Suddenly, razors sliced into his back and ripped out. Again, blades dug into his back. Again. Again. Again. Red liquid spewed everywhere. Blood poured out in rivers from His back. As the pain nearly made Him unable to do so, He glanced over, gazed at you, and said, "This is for you, my child." because He needed you to know.
He was torn from the post and clothed in purple to be mocked. The soldiers
spat in his face. The blood soaked the cloth. He could hardly move as they thrust hateful words to Him. Jesus then glanced over, gazed at you, and said, "This is for you, my child."
The soldiers twisted thorns into a crown and shoved it into Jesus' head. As the thorns
dug into His skull, streams of scarlet ran into His eyes. In His mouth, the taste of iron as the blood poured in. At this moment, Jesus glanced over, gazed at you, and said, "This is for you, my child."
He carried the heaviest wooden posts to His death place, though He could barely walk. With every step, the
cumbrous cross pushed into the gaping wounds on his back from the previous lashing. Dirt flew into them as He grimaced in pain. Then He glanced over, gazed at you, and said, "This is for you, my child."
Jesus approached Calvary. Once He arrived, they threw Him down and
drove nails into his hands. With each pound, blood spewed and the hole, larger. Then they moved to His feet. This perfect Savior received an agonizing, massive nail into his feet. It pierced each and every bone and vein. Then they stood Him up with ropes, as was custom, and dropped Him into the hole. Shrieks and shouts came from all around at the sight. And as blood dripped down and the King of Kings dangled there, with nearly all the clothes stripped from Him, He glanced over, gazed you, and said, "This is for you, my child."
Hours passed as He hung there - like a stocking on a hook. And in the last second, the one who held
all glory and all power to do whatever He wished, hung there, in unbearable pain. He glanced over, gazed at you, and said, "This is for you, my child."
He went down to
Hell to plunder the enemy of our souls. He took back all that was His. He went to the enemy's camp and shattered all chains. As Satan quivered and ran, Jesus glanced over, gazed at you, and said, "This is for you, my child."

Jesus tore the veil of the temple when He died (Matthew 27:50-51), but let me tell you something: He tore the veil of
you, the temple, when He died. (1 Corinthians 6:19). He loved you so much that He couldn't stand the separation. He died to remove the veil so that you and He could be together.

He cared for you so much that after this, He sent a
Helper for you, because He couldn't stand the thought of you being alone. (John 15:26) He also wasn't content with merely being able to hug you from the external, like all other humans; He wanted to hug you from the inside too. Jesus gave you the Holy Spirit because He loves you.
What is truth? God loves you - and it IS that Sunday school love.

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