Monday, November 7, 2011

All Glory

No words on a page could convey,
this longing I feel today.
I want to reflect your truth,
regardless of my blatant youth.
Your name is worth my all,
now I choose to answer the call.
The call to be greater than this,
to exemplify Your beauty and dismiss
all the lies the enemy mentions
as he tries to instill apprehensions.
To display your glory completely,
and in no way do discreetly
is my passion and desire
for You, oh King, my fire.
May my life exalt Your name,
for Your the lamb without the tame -
Your death expounded roars
with the power fully Yours,
in this way, You're a lion,
but You're gentle, as in Zion.
Oh majestic, shining Light,
how I long to be so bright -
so full glory goes back to You
and all else fades out of view.

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