Thursday, November 10, 2011

The Cry in the Bed

Why does it seem like I can't see you?
Why does my flesh block the view?
I cry out in the desert, I cry out in the spring.
God, oh God. Take me on your wing.
Because we all know I'm a mortal with nothing of my own;
we all know I'm a sinner, yet you called me home.
I don't understand your plan, but I know it's worth, worth every tear
because you, oh King, take away every fear.
Of not finding a husband, not finding your plan;
Lord, oh Lord, you hold me in Your hand.
For now I will sit, waiting for You
Because God of all, it's You in whom
I find my peace, my resting place
my identity, my saving grace,
and God tonight, with no one here;
I rest and know that you are near.

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