Sunday, January 13, 2013

Society's Toil

Fame and fortune; failure, foe
All those things you grow to know.
Each of which are defined
By society’s foolish mind.
We sit and ponder our “problems” and “worries”
Never thinking the cause be hurries –
Here to there and there to here
Rushing around, ignoring those near.
So when did apathy become the new sympathy?
And empathy become as valued as dirt.
“Look out for yourself & yourself only”
is now the standard, but leaves all lonely
because though we wish to fly all alone
even a bird needs a branch to condone
the exhaustion and errors it makes as it flies,
for once it’s home, it can’t disguise
such heartache and tire and mistake and pain
that occurred when looking after it’s own gain.
Flying alone was never the aim,
for acting alone is no way to fame.
Yet society tells you that this fame is true,
which then begs the question, “What should I do?”
“Do I sacrifice heart and truth and love
simply to have that which is ‘sort of’ –
‘sort of’ good and ‘sort of’ bad
‘sort of’ sufficient and ‘sort of’ glad
‘sort of’ alright and ‘sort of’ ok
but ‘sort of’ enough is not the best way.
This life that society claims you should crave
will always lead you to a crash wave –
one that comes and knocks you down
and rolls away as you stumble and drown.
This is the care that the world gives offer,
but, sweet child, there’s more in the coffer.
There is a life filled with purpose and joy,
a life you can know if you choose to deploy
the beauty that you’ve been given inside
by Jesus Christ, Savior, who will provide
a way to mend your failing heart
and comfort you when you’re falling apart.
He is near and loves you so,
choose to simply let God and let go.
You are not chained to society’s thought
for you, precious one, have been exclusively bought
with a cost far exceeding the price,
come, then; accept the sacrifice.

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