Friday, December 21, 2012

Christmas Calls

Stuck in the hum drum of stop and go
Always going too fast, too slow.
Never stopping to smell the roses
As life flies by you catch the poses
That you have posed to try to be
Someone that you'll never see
So stop your act you precious child
There is more to life than mild.
There is grace and love and joy
far surpassing that Christmas toy
that rots on the shelf you've placed your heart
which decays, too, part by part
for you have been eating what hurts and kills,
a poison of ideals that your mind wills.
But attaining the life that you think you need
could not help, child, it merely will feed
your craving for more nutrition from waste
and you'll be left empty with nothing but haste.
But now, in this season, a new call is ringing,
A call that fills many hearts with singing,
a call that beckons and cries out with love
a call that could only be sung from above.
So, sweet child, come lend your ear.
There is more, so do not fear.

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