Wednesday, May 16, 2012

He Sings to Me

The Warrior of all that stands before me;
The Cleaner of all that's in my past;
The Pursuer of all that attempts to fool thee;
The Lover of all that crumble aghast.

Runner of the race to which I should run,
Yet He tells me to sit and watch Him go;
Finishing the match which He begun
Proving, again, all that I owe.

However, He kisses me gently to remind
Of all He does when I stand by
Such as give crystal sight to me, the blind
And lift me up so I can fly.

Father of Light who beams through dark
You whisper sweet promises to your child,
And as I walk You take me and lark
Looking down on me, You smiled.

This princess You crowned with shining glory
Turning wretched flaws into radiant beauty
Always seeing, clearly, the full story
Knowing full and declaring my duty.

The Savior of all who walk the Earth;
The Ransom of all who are stained;
The Grace of all who desire rebirth;
The King of all who are pained.

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