Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Fallen yet Loved

I fall at His feet stained, chained, pained, and drained.
While the world continues to make me strained.
As I sit and remind myself this is that for which I have trained.
Always remembering His love so engrained.
It's this kind of love that can not be contained.
But He has chosen that I stand ordained,
Unstained, sustained, unconstrained, and maintained.
For in my heart He has deeply ingrained
Every word, perfectly arraigned.
So no longer am I extensively restrained
Or the passion in me unfortunately contained
For He has broken in and entertained
Every desire which has now remained.
Realizing in full, His love is obtained
Through this intense disgust, for sin has disdained.
Matchless Lover, you always pertained
To my life from which I've worked and abstained
Knowing Your worth is unexplained
Through lowly human attempts that waned.
So Righteous One here I am unrestrained
Ready and willing to be called and regained.

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