Saturday, June 11, 2011

Romans 8:1

With conviction comes comfort, yet condemnation stands alone. When one feels condemned (def: sentenced to punishment), he/she chooses to believe that the freedom that God has provided cannot trump that of the devil's attempts to imprison. Guess what, God BOUGHT you with the Ultimate Price and nothing can withstand against what He wills, and He wills you free and in His arms. On the other had, when conviction happens, you release sins and errors in order to avoid harmful bondage. Although you have already been embraced by Jesus Christ and NOTHING can change that, you can horrifically be made as ineffective for the Kingdom as possible, and conviction occurs in order to prevent this idleness from occuring (for when one is saved, the devil's plan to destroy your life changes from doing all to prevent you from meeting Jesus to doing all to prevent you from leading others to the meeting). We must long for conviction and cast off condemnation, because our effectiveness and faith depend on it.

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