Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Revelation 12:2

I feel cold, almost shaky, as tears fall down my face.
How could it happen again? Is there no love?
I'm hurt, my insides, appearing as overflowing crystals from my eyes.
I run dry as i long for more.
Peace is what I long for, an end to the morbid suffering.
What cause this pain?
Why am I at fault for this immense hurt?
I want it to be over, an end to all the pain.
Every night comes back stronger, more controlling.
I'm at the end of my rope. I can't take it any more!
This all needs to stop! I'm incapable of handling this by myself.
Suddenly, I belt it out, "I need you and I don't desire anything else in my life! I am broken; you are a cast. I am torn; you are a tailor. I am filth; you are bleach!"
Then silence. Thump, Thump, Thump.
I'm filling, growing love.
The feeling of wholeness throughout me.
It's happening again, the crystals are pouring out, only this time of joy.
My burdens are cast! I am free! No pinch of sadness inside! It's all gone!
You saved me from the world, from my filthy ways!
I owe EVERYTHING to you, I'll start with my life; it's Yours forever!
God, Christ, Love, Emmanuel, Lord, the Faithful Holy One, Savior, the way, the truth, Almighty, Majesty I am yours!
For I was lost but now am found; I was blind but now Ii see.
I see you, and my eyes will never turn. You saved my life.
i would be dead without you, dead in this world of sin.
Where hurt was all around me, where I thought of myself as worthless and a failure. You came for me.
Rescued me from death.
Rescued my life.
Rescued my talents.
Rescued me from depression.
Rescued me.

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