Monday, December 5, 2011

Informative Speech

The greatest love story ever told with the most perfect man ever known.
The King of everything is who He is; stronger and more powerful than
every other.
He is love, and He shows it completely and unconditionally to YOU.
He is joy, and He makes you this way every second that you're with Him.
He is peace, and when you're with Him, you are supernaturally calmed.
He is patience, and even though you constantly break His heart, He comforts you.
He is kindness, and everyone who is with Him becomes better.
He is healer, and everyone who calls His name is healed.
He is all these things and more.
Yet, in all His glory, He came - entrance, flawless - to in order to
save you from death.
He couldn't stand the thought of being away from you for a single
minute - He had to come for you.
He kept quiet as He grew up, waiting, longing to be with you.
He ran to the aid of everyone who called to Him, because His love for
you reaches to the skies.
He was perfect in every way, every day in order to remove all of the
separation that exists between you and Him.
People hated Him, and mocked Him because of His undying love for you.
They were so disgusted by this Lover that they wanted to kill Him.
This man that has given everything He has for you - they wanted to
kill Him - because of you.
They seized Him and locked Him up because even in the face of death -
He refused to deny His all-consuming love for you.
The cuffs dug in to His wrists and bruises formed as He was accused of
hatred and blasphemy - all because He refused to deny His love for
The people wanted to flog Him; they wanted him to be tortured, because of you.
So they dragged him over to the stump and had his clothes ripped from
Him. Suddenly, razors sliced into his back and ripped out. Again,
blades dug into his back. Again. Again. Again. Red liquid spewed
everywhere. Blood poured out in rivers from His back. They beat Him
for hours and as His blood poured from His body - He looked over,
gazed in to your eyes and said, "This is for you, beautiful one."
because He needed you to know.
He was torn from the post and clothed in purple to be mocked. The
soldiers spat in his face. The blood soaked the cloth. He could hardly
move as they thrust hateful words to Him. He then glanced over, gazed
at you, and said, "This is for you, my love."
The soldiers twisted thorns into a crown and shoved it into His head.
As the thorns dug into His skull, streams of scarlet ran into His
eyes. In His mouth, the taste of iron as the blood poured in. At this
moment, He endured and kept silent, knowing that you are worth it.
But the people weren't satisfied. They wanted Him to die. Suffering
wasn't enough - death is the only thing that would have appeased their
As the crowd cries out, "Crucify Him! Crucify Him! Liar! Thief!" He
scans the crowd, and who does he see in the middle of it all? You. The
one who He is suffering for; the one who He is dying for, chanting
along side of them.
And He looked you straight in your hateful eyes and said, "I'm doing
this for you my love, because you do not know, yet, but you will. I'm
waiting for you."
He carried the heaviest wooden posts to His death place, though He
could barely walk. With every step, the cumbrous cross pushed into the
gaping wounds on his back from the previous lashing. Dirt flew into
them as He grimaced in pain. As the dirt burned, He could have ended
it all, but He had to make sure you realized just how much He loved
you. He was willing to give up everything He had to be with you.
Once He made it up the hill, you saw nails being driven into his
hands. With each pound, blood spewed and the hole grew. This perfect
Savior received an agonizing, massive nail into his feet. It pierced
each and every bone and vein. Then they stood Him up with ropes, as
was custom, and dropped Him into the hole. Shrieks and shouts came
from all around at the sight. And as blood dripped down and the man
who was guilty of absolutely nothing but loving you, dangled there.
With nearly all the clothes stripped from Him, He glanced over, gazed
you, and said, "This is for you, beautiful."
Hours passed as He hung there - like a stocking on a hook. And in the
last second, the man who held all glory and all power to do whatever
He wished, hung there, in unbearable pain, loving you - The one who
mocked Him, the one who laughed at Him, the one who spat in His face,
the one who called Him a liar, the one who hated Him, the one who
wanted His pain and death.
This is Jesus, and He is waiting for you with open arms, beckoning you
to come rest in His love.

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